I have a secret; I am a closet decorator.  No, I don’t redo closets, I love to decorate homes.  No one really knew this secret about me until we sold our homes.

As a child, I learned about color, design and fashion from my father. I enjoyed working alongside my father in his men’s clothing stores.   His great sense of style rubbed off on me.  Matching men’s ties to suits gave me a thrill and I found I had a knack of doing it. I found great delight in pairing the ideal accessories. Other girls played with Barbies, I dressed suits.  I played with all aspects from ties, shirts or a pair of great looking socks to jazz up the look, that was thrilling for me! I always wanted the man in the suit to stand out and look his best.  As a child in elementary school, I remember wearing mixed patterns for top and pants.  My mother would say: “you’re going to school looking like that?”  Sad to say, that put a damper on my excitement and design for quite some time. Yet, as an adult, I began drifting back to my childhood memories and love of fashion.  

As an adult I learned it’s okay to have fun and play with it all! Now, it’s a fashion mandate to be unique and to mix and match patterns. My instincts on Design was ahead of its time but right on target. Who knew?

Fifty years later, I still love putting beautiful and varying fabrics together.  I take such pleasure in finding diverse but complimentary colors and patterns. My canvas has been the rooms of a house.  I learned to develop this skill by watching others, how they decorate, what they use and honed my craft over the past 25 years. My designs are the culmination of observation and inspiration.  I’ve had the good fortune to play with the canvas in different home styles. The gypsy in me has allowed me to move and explore my art of design in many homes and areas. I’ve been blessed to experiment and perfect my design homes from Arizona to California – each with varying decors that match the climate, lifestyle and area.

My first foray into decorating was in Palm Desert, Ca. back in the early 1990’s.  It was loaded with a variety of colors on the walls. I learned how to accentuate with colors, to have parts of the room stand out, or view a focal point wall. If one wall didn’t have color on it, I was going to find something to compliment it.

My most favorite home design, is at the beach.  I view it as my “pied d terre.” I purchased it when my husband passed, as my get away, my sanity and home sweet home. The blues and yellows I chose remind me of the days we spent in Europe, walking through the small towns.  I can smell the wonderful French baguettes, see the old charm of the European life, while walking down the narrow-cobbled streets.  It brings warmth, sunshine and calmness all at the same time for me.  These sentiments have translated into a beautiful, sophisticated yet calming home and escape.

I am currently selling home number 8 in 10 years. It’s a lot of work but the joy of having a blank slate to decorate and perfect compensates the hard work. Then it dawned on me, stop moving and start redoing homes for others to enjoy. This may seem easy but sharing your personal vision and opening it up to potential criticism is always a fear and risk.

My current space is a work in progress. The colors are coming to life in a variety of ways.  I feel most at home when I see balance and loads of color all operating at the same time.

I personally feel that decorating comes from a deep soul level.  You shouldn’t be afraid to use color to enhance your life. For this is where my spirit shines and soars.  When you surround yourself with vibrancy, how can you expect anything but vibrancy in return? Find a color that you enjoy and try it on one wall first. It’s all about making those baby steps until you are more comfortable with adding more colors, more patterns.  Mix it up, play with it. Design with your heart and feel your joy.  

You can always paint over it!